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Life Storytelling Game: Make Sharing Life Stories Fun with our beautiful 'Cootie Catcher' designs

Updated: May 16

For a fun way to share life stories, try making one of our origami Cootie Catchers or Fortune Cookies!

It's a simple activity and game made from a folded piece of paper and it's a great way to start a conversation and learn about a friend or relative.

You can download our beautifully designed templates that include instructions from our Etsy store here

When you are playing the game, why not record your answers so that you have a precious voice recording that you can preserve and cherish? Our questions have been specially designed to be simple but they offer special insights into a person and their character. Recording a voice is simple using a smartphone but contact us if you need more help.

Why no go one step further and create a Snapshot Box? Our beautiful boxes are the perfect way to preserve recordings alongside a cherished photograph. Check them out!

In the meantime, if you need help making your Cootie Cather, please read on for detailed instructions.


  • Cut the sheet along the dashed line above to create a square shape for folding

Cootie Catcher Design

  • Flip the square over and fold it in half, from the top to the bottom. Unfold

  • Then, fold the square from the right to the left and unfold it again

  • Now fold each corner of the square towards the centre:

Making a cootie catcher

Making a cootie catcher

  • Turn the paper over and bring each corner to the centre

Making a cootie catcher

Making a fortune cookie paper

  • Fold the square in half, from top to bottom, unfold, and then fold from left to right:

Making a fortune cookie paper

Making a paper fortune teller

  • Put your thumb and first finger under each corner flap and pinch

Paper Cootie Catcher Design

How to Play:

  • Find someone to play with and ask them to pick a colour from the top flaps

  • Spell out the colour, opening and closing the cootie catcher as you spell out the letters

Game to play with grandparents

  • Stop at the last letter to reveal some of the numbers inside. Make them pick a number

  • Open and close the Cootie Catcher while counting out the number they chose

  • Ask the other player to pick another number from the visible panels, flip it up, and ask the question that has been revealed

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