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Preserve a Voicemail with a Snapshot Memory Box

We create many of our Snapshot Memory Cubes for people who are looking to preserve the memory of a loved one, combining a photo and voicemail recording. The cubes are the perfect way to preserve a voicemail message allowing the audio to be presented along with a cherished photo.

Our Snapshot Memory Cubes are designed with care and attention to detail, ensuring that the precious voices and images of your loved ones are beautifully presented. Each cube allows you to store up to 10 minutes of audio, providing ample space to capture messages, stories, and expressions that can be treasured.

Whether it's a comforting voice message from a parent, a favorite story from a grandparent, or a sweet note from a dear friend, our Memory Cubes offer a perfect way to keep these moments alive. The combination of a visual and auditory keepsake makes these cubes a meaningful gift and a timeless addition to any home.

Explore our Snapshot Memory Cubes today and create a lasting tribute to your loved ones, preserving their memory in a way that is both beautiful and personal.

Preserve a voicemail

Chronicle helps people to record and preserve their life stories.  For tips on how to use your phone to record yourself see here

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