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"A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words" - Top 10 Photos that I wish could speak their story

Updated: Jan 9

They say that a picture tells a thousand words, but I often think that's not the case at all. There is often so much missing information and context. That's why we encourage people to record the stories of their photos in their own voice.

Here are ten photos from our Chronicle photo archive collection that I wish could actually speak their own story:


What's going on here? Has the little boy asked a question to the guardsman perhaps? Is the Guardsman asking permission from his Officer to respond perhaps?

1920's Santa

What a stunning rare photo of Santa taken around 1910-1920. Apart from wondering about the colours of his outfit, I'd love to know his story and the story of his wonderful toys.

WW2 Pilots

Long before computer simulations, this is how pilots would taught each other their maneuvers. What was the story of the pilots here? Are they recounting a recent dogfight perhaps?

Victorian Household

How classic is this! Who are the people in the car? Are they off somewhere special? Maybe off on a hunting trip? Showing off their new vehicle perhaps?

WW2 Bomb Damage

This was taken somewhere in the UK during WW2. Presumably the house belongs to the chap in the photo who is contemplating a lucky escape perhaps?

WW2 Bomber Crew

Who are these airman and what are they thinking? Soaking up the morning sunshine before a flight perhaps? Or maybe just returned? Did they survive the war?

WW2 Servicemen with Accordion

Who are these jolly chaps? What are they celebrating? What's the song that they all seem to be enjoying?

St Pauls Bombing  WW2

I believe this was taken outside St Paul's Cathedral in London after it was bombed in WW2. Who is this fellow and what has he found amongst the rubble? What is he thinking?

Spitfire Press Day

This photo was taken on the press day when the Spitfire was launched - just as WW2 broke out. I wonder what this pilot was thinking and if he had any idea what lay ahead?

Chelsea Pensioner

One of my favourites, I'd love to know the story of the medals that this Chelsea Pensioner is showing to the boys.

What photos do you have that you wish could tell their story? Do you have photos that need their story to be told. Let us help you!

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