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Will you be remembered as more than a voicemail?

Preserve a Voicemail

We have made dozens of our Snapshot Memory Cubes for people seeking to preserve the memory of a family member, friend, or loved one.

Sadly, the only recording they have of their voice is via an old voicemail recording.  A fleeting recording of "call me back" or "I love you" buried within an old voicemail message.  Sometimes the quality is so bad they are barely audible.

These recordings make me sad.

They reflect the only legacy of a voice, otherwise lost forever.  The final audio from a life well lived - yet so compressed and distorted by the phone lines, they often aren’t even clear; easily lost or deleted too. 

I wonder how many people have nothing at all?

So don’t put it off.  Do a simple recording. It will take 5 minutes.

Think of someone close to you and imagine a special day with them – either in the past or the future.

Describe it. Record it. Save it.

Don't make it perfect. You can always record it again later.


…except one day you won’t have that chance and one day you/they will wish you did it today.

It takes five minutes.  You’ll feel great afterwards too.


Chronicle helps people to record and preserve their life stories.  For tips on how to use your phone to record yourself see here.  And if you really want a lovely way to preserve a recording, why not create one of our Snapshot Memory Boxes? The prefect way to preserve a voicemail or voice recording.

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